Fighting the Outbreak | A Demonstration of Persistence

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Persistence in Disease Control: Visionox Takes Actions

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Visionox responded immediately by setting up an emergency outbreak response team and local disease control and prevention teams. These teams worked quickly to establish a comprehensive disease control and prevention system. Once the system is established, the company started collecting and analyzing health data from all employees in a centralized manner and ensured that all control and prevention measures were implemented:

1. Paying close attention to developments in the outbreak and passing disease control and prevention information in a timely manner

2. Performing health screening on all personnel to ensure no gap that may lead to possible infection

3. Drafting an emergency response plan in case of an outbreak

4. Providing security for employees in terms of food, clothing and accommodation

Persistence in Operation: Uninterrupted Production All Year Round

To ensure an uninterrupted supply of AMOLED display panels and due to the special nature of the panel production process, the production lines are operated throughout the year without break. Operators at Visionox's production facilities in Gu'an, Hefei, Kunshan and Bazhou remained at their posts to perform process operations, inspections, equipment calibration and other tasks in an orderly manner.


Persistence in Its Mission: Overcoming Difficulties Together for a Better Future

Besides implementing disease control and prevention measures on operators at the production lines, Visionox also complied with the national and local government guidelines and allowed its employees to return to work following the Spring Festival holiday at a later date as far as possible. With the safety of the employees in mind, the company encouraged its employees to work from home and conduct meetings online so that business operations were not affected.

Fighting the outbreak together to create a better future for everyone!

Stay strong, Wuhan! Stay strong, China!

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